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Technology introduction of EPM
Step 1: Configuration "Easy"
Step 2: Configuration "Basic"
Step 3: Configuration "Professional"
Step 4: Configuration "Full"

Document templates EPM configuration "Management of content and timing"

Project charter

Project charter documents the business needs, current understanding of the needs of the customer, as well as a new product, service, or result that is planned to create.

PMBOK (172 p.)

Report on project

Report on project - a weekly report on the implementation of the project contains a list of project tasks to which managers need to pay particular attention. The report provides a top-level task indicating deviations and stating the reasons for the deviations

Register of requests for project

Register request for the project - a document containing a list of requests for project, which have been registered in the system of project management

Register of stakeholders

The register of stakeholders - the document containing the description of all project stakeholders. Stakeholders in this case is considered to be a natural or legal person that in any way may affect the progress of the project

Registry of performed work acts

Register of acts performed works - a document containing a list of acts performed works confirming the implementation of the project contract work

Project schedule

Schedule - the document containing the list of project activities associated with each other and put on the calendar of the project. Schedule in electronic form can contain all of the project plan. Print all project plans called the project management plan, project schedule in electronic form is an electronic version of the project management plan

Engagement plan

Engagement Plan - a document describing the list of tasks for Cooperation in the plan includes all activities, which plans to carry out the project team. Activities for interaction affects directly to the formation of the result of the project transferred to the project schedule

Report on the implementation of project portfolio

Report on the implementation of the project portfolio - a document describing the effectiveness of the implementation of the project portfolio. On the basis of the report on the implementation of the portfolio the portfolio manager decides to focus in the possible problems in the projects portfolio.

Enquire on the project

Enquire - a document that describes all the information available about the project, the project to the initiation phase.

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