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Document templates EPM configuration "Quality Management and Risk Management"

Risk register

Risk register - the document containing the results of the qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis and planning to respond to known risks. The risk register highlights all identified risks and includes a description, category, cause, probability of occurrence, the impact on the target, the expected response, the owners and the current status.

Risk management plan

Risk Management Plan - a document containing a list of works of the project to prevent and minimize the consequences of risky project risks. Risk Management Plan project is formed on the basis of the draft risk register. Measures introduced to prevent the project before implementation, and measures to minimize the negative effects of the project are made in the case of trigger risk.

Quality management plan

Quality management plan describes how the project management team will implement the policy of the performing organization's quality. The quality management plan is part of a plan or a subsidiary as part of the project management plan.

PMBOK (172 p.)

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