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MS Project Online configuration "Cost management and contracts"

MS Enterprise Project Management

MS Project Online configuration Cost management and contracts

MS Project Online - for company management

  • Ability to work almost anywhere. No matter where you are, you can always control your projects.
  • Timely action. Your decisions will always be timely and relevant.
  • Flexible portfolio management. By adjusting the priorities of programs and projects, you can quickly make a difference.
  • Financial management. You control the effectiveness of the financial costs of your projects.
  • New opportunities for collaboration and operational activities. All of your employees are one big team.
  • Increased flexibility and the degree of control.
  • Making decisions based on data. You have access to all the data once your projects.
  • Support from the consultants. We have the ability to provide support for your projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MS Project Professional - for project managers

  • It is easy to plan and manage projects
  • Quickly develop a project schedule and plan the project schedule
  • Quickly make changes to the project and quickly reschedule the project
  • Plan costs and project budget
  • Plan your cash flow in the project
  • Create visual and beautiful project reports

The introduction of Microsoft Project Online

MS Project Professional

  • A corporate description field costs and project contracts. The consultant sets up corporate costs and field descriptions of the project contract.
  • A corporate presentation of cost management and suppliers. Consultant develops performances for cost management and contract management in the software product MS Project Professional

MS Project Oline

  • Update access rights of participants in the project management MS Project Online. The consultant will update the permissions for all categories of participants in the project management cost management and employment contracts.
  • Configure the corporate field of cost management and contract project management system. Consultants brings all corporate fields and contract cost management on the information system MS Project Online.
  • Customize submission and contract cost management system MS Project Online. Advisor adjusts the presentation of cost management and contract management system MS Project Online.
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