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CPM Scheduling for Construction: Best Practices and Guidelines

The present edition, an SEI collaboration with the PMI Scheduling Community of Practice, provides readers with a reference guide that is like having an experienced scheduling professional at hand.
The book itself is laid out in a way that follows the phases of building a project schedule: from project planning to project definition and schedule design, to development, maintenance, and usage of the schedule.

Author: Edited by: Christopher Carson, PMP, PSP, DRMP; Peter Oakander and Craig Relyea
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
Category: Scheduling

Each of these six sections, from planning through usage, is broken up into separate categories for detailed discussion and for easy reference:

  • Definition – defining the topic term
  • Purpose – establishing why the topic is used in the planning and scheduling process
  • Default Conditions – establishing the conditions under which the topic is used and implemented
  • Best Practices – establishing how the topic is used, the application options, and ways the topic is used, including evaluations of the various practices
  • Recommended Practices – establishing preferred application or implementation methods, if any
  • Advisories – establishing what should be avoided in the implementation, and providing lessons learned from the contributors

As a reference manual, CPM Scheduling for Construction: Best Practices and Guidelines is indispensable to assist schedule technicians and project managers step-by-step in the process of developing, analyzing, and maintaining a project schedule.

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