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Technology introduction of EPM
Step 1: Configuration "Easy"
Step 2: Configuration "Basic"
Step 3: Configuration "Professional"
Step 4: Configuration "Full"

Introduction of the corporate project management system on the basis of MS Project

Corporate Project Management System (EPM) based on Microsoft Project - making system and monitoring of the implementation of management decisions

Структура корпоративная система управления проектами

Objectives of the project management system:

  • Reduce the duration of the projects.
  • Reduce the costs of the enterprise for the implementation of projects.
  • More efficient use of resources of the enterprise.
  • Improve the quality of projects.
  • Reduce the impact of the risks of project risks

Operating Principles of corporate project management system:

  • Corporate system reflects the peculiarities of the company. No standard corporate project management systems.
  • Corporate Project Management System is a decision support system.
  • Increasingly corporate project management system needs management of the company
  • CEO delegates decision rights on the Project Leader
  • The project manager is personally responsible for implementation of the project. Each project must be assigned a project manager
  • Project management is carried out through the schedule
  • The purpose of the system to reduce the deviation in time and cost

Our competitive advantage

  • Create EPM for you and your digging. We integrate all the processes of project management of your company
  • The actual results after the first month of implementation. You pay for the real results after the first stage.
  • Education in the implementation process. Your employees are actively involved in the implementation of CPMS which reduces training costs.
  • The minimum cost of software obespechenie.Ispolzuem the most convenient and powerful tool for project management MS Project.
  • The minimum cost of a project office. Your project office that we are, and we are with you at any time when we need to be.
  • Training, support and advice. We help to use and develop the system, advise and train your employees.
  • Price is fixed. Regardless of how much we worked and when you pay a fixed amount.

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