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Project office base on MS Project Online configuration "Cost management and contracts"

Проектный офис и проекты компании

Project Office configuration EPM "Cost management and contracts." the configuration of the first stage of the system is formed on the overall concept of a flexible technology system implementation project management base on MS Project Online. Role instructions in this configuration, describes the implementation of the process of managing the content, timing, cost and contract projects.

What does the implementation of the project office:

  • You can save money on managers and project managers
  • Continuous monitoring of the implementation of the company's projects
  • Leaders always knows what's going on in the projects of the company
  • Employees always have where to turn for advice
  • Going and take into account information about all the "rake" to you "came" in the previous project

Why should we (consultants) to the project office

  • You get a high-class specialists in the field of project management for a reasonable fee
  • You will be able to attract and pay consultants only when you need it
  • You can always be assured of their projects, as they are supervised by professionals
  • Consultants is an organizational structure and have no effect on the internal problems of the company
  • We are constantly engaged in the development of project management in your company, the routine does not affect us

The problem is solved by consultants

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the control of the project through MS Project Online
  • Formation of proposals for the development of a corporate system of project management
  • Education specialists methodology of project management and work in MS Project
  • Development patterns schedules for various types of projects in MS Project
  • Development of design documents templates and procedures for project management company
  • Development of information systems, project management MS Project Professional and MS Project Online

Project Office

Project office. Сonfiguration Cost management and contracts

Portfolio manager



Regulation of project portfolio management

Consideration of requests for the project

Decisions on the project or on completion of the project

Setting priorities for projects in the pipeline

Adoption of the basic project plans

Portfolio administrator



Regulation of project portfolio management

Registration Enquire

Analysis of requests for project

The development of a strategic plan

The integration project portfolio

Monitoring of the implementation of the project portfolio

Regulation of development templates

Develop a plan for top-level

Technology Roadmap

Development of lots

Development of the project budget

Adoption template

Project leader



Regulation of project management

Determination of the project

Monitoring of the implementation of the project

Formation of the final report

Project manager



Regulation of project management

Identification of stakeholders

Develop a communication plan

Working schedule

Develop a budget for the project

Develop a plan for financing

Establish lots Project

Planning for contractors

Close all the project contracts

Operational plan

Installing the fact of work

Updating and re-planning of the schedule

Formation of the final report

Collection of documents and transfer to the archive

Сhange management

Register your change request

Agreed changes in the project

Analyze open change requests

Amend the draft

Conducting meetings

Selecting issues meeting

Maintenance of formation of the list of participants

Ensuring Responsible destination

Preparing the set of documents for the meeting

Providing a meeting

Formalization of the results of the meetings

Conducting of open competition,

Conducting of closed competition,

Conducting of contest request-offer

Preparation of technical specifications for the services / goods delivery

Preparing evaluation criteria contractors

Publication of announcement of an open competition

Prepare a list of contractors to perform the terms of reference

Evaluation of the contractors on the basis of the development of criteria

Harmonization with the conditions for carrying out the contractor technical specifications

Preparation and signing of the contract for the provision of services / supply of goods

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