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Completed projects

Implementation of CSUE on the basis of MS Project Online in the company "Archimatika"

Project for the implementation of the corporate project management system in the company "Arkhimatika" on the basis of MS Project Online. Setting up the MS Project Online information system training of specialists involved in project activities, working with MS Project Pro and MS Project Online software.

Introduction of IPM using MS Project in House-Building Plant №4

The project plans, schedules of projects have been developed. The first step in the development was to create a model template schedule plan. Since most of the projects the company is building construction projects of the panel, as a pilot, was selected the project, the construction of multi-storey panel building with several sections.

Formation of a portfolio of projects in MS Project for the company "AM-Soft"

Based on projects, described in the MS Excel, project information was transferred to the MS Project Professional. As a result, was formed a complete company’s portfolio. Consultation on setting up MS Enterprise Project Management had conducted, the links between projects and works with human resources had built.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2010 for "Business Real Estate"

Development of project management business processes, regulations and templates. To develop business processes had used the software product of business process modeling Aris. All regulatory documents had created according to the standard PMBOK.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2010 for the Company "EMEK"

The consultation on development and project management had conducted in the company. As a result, the Project management manual had created.

Configure Microsoft Project Server 2010 for the company «XXI Century"

Customization of the project management information system had conducted, the template of corporate view of projects was created, corporate custom fields and company’s calendars. Posted and published the company's projects.

Develop project management plan construction of a gas power plant

Develop project management plan of gas power plant construction. Project management plan had created according to standard PMBOK.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project Server 2013 for the company "Innovative City Development Investments"

In the context of this project: the package of regulatory documentation had created, organized and conducted courses for the employees of the company, had implemented a software package MS EPM 2007.

Implementation of IPM to the Boguchanskaya HPP for the company "RUS-Engineering"

Adapted and implemented a project management methodology for Boguchanskaya HPP construction. Within the confines of the methodology had created regulations, the organization charts of divisions and job descriptions of the EPCM-team.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project Server 2003, "TNK-BP" Nyagan "

Based on the standards of the International Project Management Association and NTC Russian Project Management Association were developed and implemented a corporate project management system. Established Project management office, created system of knowledge accumulation on Project Management.

Tax Administration Modernization Project in Ukraine

Planning and management of project “Modernization of the tax service of Ukraine”. Coordination activities in projects: "Tax Administration" and "The introduction of the cluster system analysis", etc.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2013 TOV "BC IPC"

Project implementation of project management in the company TOV "BK MIC" on the basis of MS Project Professional. A pilot project has been the implementation of the reconstruction project of shopping center "Town".

Implementation of IPM based on Microsoft Project Server 2013 BI Group company

Project implementation of the corporate project management system based on Microsoft Project Server 2013. The pilot project was the introduction of IPM projects cottage construction. This project was one of the first steps which was implemented as described in the website technology. The first step was the introduction of coaching by using the methodology of project management and Microsoft Project for the construction of houses by Comfort Town.

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