Technology introduction of EPM
Step 1: Configuration "Easy"
Step 2: Configuration "Basic"
Step 3: Configuration "Professional"
Step 4: Configuration "Full"

Terms resource planning in MS Project

Recommendations for the development of the project schedule in MS Project Professional to EPM configuration "Resource Management" effektino solve resource conflicts in the project and reduce the time and costs of the project.

Assigning resources:

  • Performers are encouraged to nominate only the task of the project.
  • At work are encouraged to nominate only one artist.
  • It is recommended to appoint executors to 100% load.

Правила планирования

Рiс.1. Assigning resources

  • Only one charge can be assigned to the task or summary task.
  • Responsibility may be assigned as a task, and the summary task.
  • It is recommended to indicate the charge in the user box, type "text".

Правила планирования

Рiс.2. Planing resources

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