Technology introduction of EPM
Step 1: Configuration "Easy"
Step 2: Configuration "Basic"
Step 3: Configuration "Professional"
Step 4: Configuration "Full"

Terms of risk planning and quality in MS Project

Recommendations for the development of the project schedule in MS Project Professional for EPM configuration "Risk management and quality" can effectively plan a project schedule to meet the requirements of quality and possible risks.

Recommendations for planning schedules according to the quality management plan

  • All interested analyzed for the presence of quality requirements
  • All the quality requirements of stakeholders into account
  • All of the company's quality requirements into account
  • All the criteria for evaluating the quality requirements into account in the description of the product
  • All requirements have quality control measures of quality

Recommendations for planning schedules charges according to a risk management plan

  • All risk groups analyzed in the identification of risks
  • All interested parties are analyzed in the identification of risks
  • All risks are measures to minimize the negative effects
  • All risks are measures to reduce the likelihood of
  • All risks are measures to reduce the impact of

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