Technology introduction of EPM
Step 1: Configuration "Easy"
Step 2: Configuration "Basic"
Step 3: Configuration "Professional"
Step 4: Configuration "Full"

Enterprice Project Management System

Goals of project management system:

1. Reducing of terms of project implementation.
2. Reducing of costs of the company on project implementation.
3. Increasing efficiency of using resources of the company.

Thus, introducing of project management system, your company receives significant advantage over competitors. This technology based on evolutionary (step-by-step) approach to introduction of methods and instruments of project management.

Principles of construction of corporate project management system:

  • Corporate system reflects the characteristics of the company. No typical enterprise project management systems.
  • Corporate Project Management System is a decision support system
  • More corporate project management system needs management company
  • CEO delegates the right to take action on draft project manager
  • The project manager is personally responsible for implementation of the project. Each project must be assigned a project manager
  • Project management is carried out through the schedule
  • The purpose of the system to reduce the deviation in time and cost

structure enterprice project management system

P.1. Structure Enterprice Project Management System

Elements of corporate project management system:

  1. Portfolio companies
    • Programs company 
    • Projects company
  2. Regulations and instructions of project management
    • Rules of project portfolio management
    • Rules for project management
  3. Trained
    • Trained project managers
    • Trained project office
  4. Project Management Information System
    • Information System Project Management MS Project Professional
    • Information System Project Portfolio Management MS Office 365

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