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Practical Training "Development of risk management plans and quality"

The purpose of the training: Learn how to develop risk management plans and the quality of projects.

Training development of risk management plans and quality

Results of the training:

  • Project Risk Register.
  • Register of corporate risk projects.
  • Risk Management Plan projects.
  • Plan corporate risk management projects.
  • Register of quality projects.
  • Register of corporate quality requirements of projects.
  • The quality management plan projects.

Duration: 1 day

Software: MS Project Professional 2010/2013, MS Excel

Number of participants: unlimited

Members of coaching: Project Manager (Project Manager), the project coordinator, the staff of the project office, the key project participants.

Theory / Practice: 30/70

As a result of this training, your employees will learn to:

  • To form a register of quality on the basis of the stakeholder analysis
  • Generate Quality Management Plan projects
  • Initiate the risks of using the method Issikavy
  • Initiate the risks of using the method of analysis of stakeholders
  • Generate project risk register
  • Shaping the corporate risk register
  • Generate risk management plans projects

The benefits of this training

  • The training is conducted in the format of coaching when employees do develop a project schedule
  • The coach has a great experience in training on the use of MS Project in companies of various types, both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Carrying out control testing of employees and performance of homework.
  • Fixing the price for the training. You pay for the time the coach, not the number of students

Example of corporate risk register

КСУП для Строительной компании КСУП для Архитектурной компании КСУП для Девелоперской компании КСУП для Производственной компании КСУП для Маркетинговой компании
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