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Practical Training "Development of risk management plans and quality"

The purpose of the training: Learn how to develop risk management plans and the quality of projects.

Training development of risk management plans and quality

Results of the training:

  • Project Risk Register.
  • Register of corporate risk projects.
  • Risk Management Plan projects.
  • Plan corporate risk management projects.
  • Register of quality projects.
  • Register of corporate quality requirements of projects.
  • The quality management plan projects.

Duration: 1 day

Software: MS Project Professional 2010/2013, MS Excel

Number of participants: unlimited

Members of coaching: Project Manager (Project Manager), the project coordinator, the staff of the project office, the key project participants.

Theory / Practice: 30/70

As a result of this training, your employees will learn to:

  • To form a register of quality on the basis of the stakeholder analysis
  • Generate Quality Management Plan projects
  • Initiate the risks of using the method Issikavy
  • Initiate the risks of using the method of analysis of stakeholders
  • Generate project risk register
  • Shaping the corporate risk register
  • Generate risk management plans projects

The benefits of this training

  • The training is conducted in the format of coaching when employees do develop a project schedule
  • The coach has a great experience in training on the use of MS Project in companies of various types, both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Carrying out control testing of employees and performance of homework.
  • Fixing the price for the training. You pay for the time the coach, not the number of students

Example of corporate risk register

BI Group Интергал-Буд Архиматика AVG ICD ДБК 4
Образование в Украине образовательный портал Обучение и трудоустройство проектных менеджеров