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License Microsoft Project Online Plan 1 in Office 365

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Project Online Lite is an add-on for team members that Project Project Professional or Project Online Premium subscribers can install (both versions are sold separately).

Monthly license price: $ 7

Using Project Online Lite *, team members can manage tasks, send timesheets and collaborate with colleagues.

  • Project team members can work together in a cloud environment.
  • Virtually unlimited browser access.
  • Updates of tasks, incidents and risks.
  • Sending timesheets.
  • Access to documents and collaboration in Skype for Business (sold separately).

Project Online Lite features:

  • Work time management and tasks. Easily manage all aspects of your schedule in one convenient form: specify hours, add cases and assign tasks to other team members.
  • More effective cooperation. Team members can store project documentation on the central site, view news about work on projects, etc., so that the whole team works smoothly.
  • The weakening of problems and risks. In tasks, you can specify problems and possible risks in order to quickly identify and solve problems.
  • Profitability. "Project Online Lite", "Project Online Premium" and Project Server offer the most necessary working tools at an affordable price (the last two services are sold separately).

You can purchase a license for Microsoft Project Online Lite in Office 365 from a leading provider. The first month of using the software MS Project Online Lite in Office 365 is provided by the provider for FREE.

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