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License Microsoft Project Online Plan 5 in Office 365

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Project Online Premium is a cloud-based solution for managers who manage project portfolios and resources. Manage your portfolios, programs, and resources to achieve optimal results.

Monthly license price: $ 55

The version contains all the functions of the program "Project Online Professional", as well as additional features:

  • Virtually unlimited browser access.
  • Project planning and costing.
  • Resource management.
  • Publication of projects in the cloud.
  • Each subscription license allows you to simultaneously install five classic Project programs.

Microsoft Project Premium features:

  • Consolidated view. Centrally browse all resources for potential projects. Due to this, managers will be able to compare resources based on standardized data and select the best teams.
  • Introduction of time and tasks. Improved features for adding time and tasks give team members the ability to send project news across most browsers. Thus, project managers immediately see the changes and can instantly make a decision.
  • Communication in real time. Skype for Business (sold separately) and other integrated communication tools make it easy to collaborate on a project in a team using chat, voice and video directly in Project.
  • Project reports. Standard custom progress reports, resource overview, etc. help monitor the status of projects, convey information to decision-makers and get quality results in a timely manner.
  • Remote access at any time. View, edit and transfer projects and portfolios, collaborate on them, as well as perform everyday tasks - all this can be done from your favorite devices or from a browser.
  • Several time scales. With several built-in timelines, it is convenient to view complex graphs. So you can easily get an idea of ​​the project in full or its important aspects.
  • Communication and cooperation in the corporate social network. Dedicated Yammer news channels in SharePoint (both services sold separately) allow you to discuss project details with colleagues in real time.
  • Integration with business applications. The built-in capabilities of OData allow you to quickly accumulate data from other business application systems and create advanced reports.

You can purchase a license for the Microsoft Project Online Premium in Office 365 software product from a leading provider. The first month of using the software MS Project Online Premium in Office 365 is provided by the provider for free.

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