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License Microsoft Project Online Plan 3 in Office 365

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The MS Project Professional in Office 365 license is designed for project managers and allows you to manage projects in both MS Project Pro and MS Project Online. By purchasing a license, you can work in the current version of MS Project Pro. Plan and manage projects in the land version of MS Project Pro. In addition, you have access to the MS Project Online cloud server where the entire portfolio of the company's projects is presented.

Manage projects in the cloud from a classic client or web browser. Organize projects, resources and teams and monitor the implementation of tasks. Plan projects quickly and efficiently, monitor their progress and collaborate with others wherever you are.

Monthly license price: $ 30

Features of Microsoft Project Professional:

  • Virtually unlimited browser access.
  • Planning the timing and technology implementation projects.
  • Budget planning and project costing.
  • Resource management. Resource load optimization
  • Publication of projects in the cloud.
  • Each subscription license allows you to simultaneously install five classic Project programs.

Microsoft Project Professional features:

  • High quality templates. The Project client and Office.com offer many effective project plan templates.
  • Project reports. Powerful standard progress reports, resource overview, etc. help monitor the status of projects, convey information to decision-makers and get quality results in a timely manner.
  • Intelligent automation for efficient operation. Automation will help to optimize work on projects and improve its performance. For example, start and end dates can be specified automatically based on dependencies, and the task inspector will help you more efficiently allocate tasks and resources.
  • Several time scales. With the help of several built-in timelines, it is convenient to visualize complex graphs: it helps to easily get an idea of ​​all aspects of a project. Timelines can be sent to colleagues using familiar Office tools, such as PowerPoint (Office including PowerPoint sold separately).
  • Basic plans for making effective decisions. Basic plans help decision-makers to control, according to the plan is working on the project.
  • Visualization of links. On the Gantt charts, you can highlight the path of tasks - it helps to understand the links between them and determine which tasks are essential for the successful implementation of the project.
  • Planning for different occasions. The Project has the ability to temporarily change the status of the task to inactive and analyze various options for the development of affairs. This allows you to adjust the work plan to suit various circumstances, without reworking it from scratch.
  • Integration with other programs. Easily copy data from Project to other Offiсe programs, such as PowerPoint and Word. And in the cloud storage "OneDrive for Business" is convenient to store project artifacts.

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