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Report on project

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Report on project - a weekly report on the implementation of the project contains a list of project tasks to which managers need to pay particular attention. The report provides a top-level task indicating deviations and stating the reasons for the deviations

Project report template

The task of the project report is to show the state of affairs on the project. The management in turn must make decisions to intervene in the management of the project or continue the implementation without changes. The project template shows the quality of management, not the quality of the project's products.
The report template for the project does not have a standard view. It all depends on what the company does, what projects it implements and at what level of technological maturity it is. We propose a template for the project report used as a start-up for implementation in most of our projects for the implementation of the project management system. This template is good because it can be fully implemented in MS Project Pro 10 or MS Project Pro 16 in the Reports section. What we do with success. The faster the report is made, the greater the likelihood that it will be done;). Let's analyze the report on the items:

General information

In this section, you need to provide general information about the project, which should be told to the management or the current situation on the project. To describe the current situation, we suggest the following items:

  • % Completion - what percentage of completion of the project by the deadline. Suitable for all projects and organizations waiting for the soonest completion of the project.
  • % Of the completion of labor costs - what percentage of the planned resources spent on the implementation of the tasks of the project. Suitable for companies where labor or material resources are an important engine of the project.
  • Difference in duration is an indicator of how far the planned end date deviated from the approved by management.
  • The cost deviation is the difference between the current planned cost and the cost approved by management. It shows how much the cost of the project has changed at the moment.
  • The deviation from work is the difference between the planned amount of work and the amount approved by management.

Key Project Results

This section provides the entire list of the project's outcome and their status. The results are described as milestones. This section provides the following items:

  • % Completion - if the result is 100% if not received 0%.
  • Name - this field displays the name of the result.
  • Approved date of receipt is the date of receipt of results approved by management.
  • Planned / Actual date - the current date of receipt of the result, taking into account the rescheduling.
  • Departure deviation - how far the date of the result was rejected

Project report template

Strategic objectives of the project

The section includes high-level tasks with the indication of deviations in tasks. This section contains the following items:

  • % - percentage completion in the implementation of the strategic objective of the project.
  • Name - the name of the strategic task of the project.
  • Difference duration - column in which the value is displayed for how many days the duration of the strategic task has changed.
  • The deviation of the beginning - the column in which the number of days is displayed how much the date of the beginning of the task's realization changed relative to the date approved by the management.
  • End rejection is a column in which you can see how much the end date of the task has changed.
  • Deviation by cost - the column displays the deviation of the planned costs from the amounts approved by the company's management.
  • Deviation by labor costs - the column displays the deviation of the planned labor costs from the labor costs approved by the company management.

Tasks of the reporting period

The section contains a list of the tasks of the project planned for the reporting period. Since the tasks should already be implemented, the following data set is proposed:

  • % - percentage of the task.
  • Name - the name of the task.
  • Responsible - the name or role of the person responsible for the implementation of the task.
  • End rejection - the number of days the date the task ended.
  • Difference in duration - how much the duration of the implementation of the task regarding the approved duration has changed.
  • Deviation by value - how much the cost of implementing the task has changed in the implementation process.
  • Difference in labor costs - how much the workload of the task has changed in the implementation process.

Project report template

The tasks of the future period

The list of tasks for the future period displays a list of tasks that need to be implemented in the future. The list contains the following set of columns:

  • Title - the name of the tasks of the future period.
  • Start is the scheduled start date for the task.
  • The end is the date to which the task should be completed.
  • % Completion - how much the task is already implemented.
  • Responsible - the name or role of the person responsible for the implementation of the task.

Project report template

Project report template in pdf format.

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This document is developed within the framework of practical training «Development of the project schedule»

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