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Development of enterprise project management is MS Project Online

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The process of developing a corporate project management system is MS Project Online supports the development of corporate document templates and project schedule. The basis for the development of management systems are the results of the implementation of the portfolio companies. The result of the implementation of this process are the rules of project management templates schedules and templates of the project documents. Responsible for the implementation of this process is the specialist responsible for project management in the company or the head of the project office.

Elements of the corporate system, that change:

  • Regulations corporate project management system
  • Project Documentation Templates
  • The structures used in the system (the structure of the portfolio, WBS structure of the high-level design, RBS resource structure, CBS structure contracts, OBS organizational structure)
  • Register of corporate quality standards and corporate risk register of the company.
  • Performances information system MS Project Professional
  • Performances Information System MS Office 365

For any level of the project management system is implemented the following sequence of operations:

  1. During the implementation of the project portfolio Project Office experts analyze the results of the management of projects.
  2. The result is a proposal to amend elements of corporate project management systems.
  3. At the end of the implementation period (over the weekend) held meeting of the group of EPM. This group may include: project managers, project managers, project office experts, leading specialists in the subject field.
  4. As part of the meeting held coordination developed changes.
  5. All agreed changes are submitted for approval by the company's management.
  6. Following approval, changes are made to the relevant elements of the project management system.
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