Implementation of EPM for a construction company based on MS Project Online

You set goals - we ensure their achievement

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Implementation of MS Project Online will allow you to:

  1. Supervise the implementation of construction projects online
  2. Promptly make decisions regarding construction projects
  3. Control the timing and costs of the company's construction project portfolio
  4. Supervise the work of contractors
  5. Control the company's project management costs
  6. Have access to the company's portfolio of construction projects anywhere in the world
  7. Supervise the work of your company employees engaged in project activities

Why you should choose us:

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Experienced consultants

The consultant has a ten-year
experience in implementing and configuring
systems project management MS Project

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Result in a week

A week after the start
You can track the implementation
company project portfolio

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Online support

After implementation, you will be
able to receive online consultation
on all issues project management

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Implement what you need

Using phased technology
implementation you can choose the most
effective management practices


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Completed projects

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2010 for the Company "EMEK"

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The consultation on development and project management had conducted in the company. As a result, the Project management manual had created.

Develop project management plan construction of a gas power plant

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Develop project management plan of gas power plant construction. Project management plan had created according to standard PMBOK.

Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2013 TOV "BC IPC"

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Project implementation of project management in the company TOV "BK MIC" on the basis of MS Project Professional. A pilot project has been the implementation of the reconstruction project of shopping center "Town".

Introduction of IPM using MS Project in House-Building Plant №4

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The project plans, schedules of projects have been developed. The first step in the development was to create a model template schedule plan. Since most of the projects the company is building construction projects of the panel, as a pilot, was selected the project, the construction of multi-storey panel building with several sections.


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