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Template schedule construction of the cottage

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Description: The project of the schedule template construction cottage house in MS Project Pro.
Author: Ivan Oberemok
Project type: construction project

General information

Colleagues, you are invited to download and use the project schedule in MS Project Pro. In the schedule developed:

  • The list of tasks for the construction of the cottage. Developed a two-tier structure WBS.
  • Developed a financing plan with a budget from the investor
  • Developed a plan for the participation of contractors on two overall project objectives
  • A work plan has been developed for brigades, with three brigades reporting volumes and one is calculated in cash.
  • Planned material resources. Some materials are planned with the indication of volumes. Cost resources are planned for consumable planning and molding.
Name of the project Construction of a two-storey cottage and arrangement of a site
Duration 169 days
Costs $ 272 000 
Description of the project  

Project participants

Group Interested party
Customer Physical / Legal entity
Developer Company Developer
Сontractors Roof installation company
Greening company

Purpose and products of the project

Construction of a two-storey cottage and arrangement of a site

Top-level tasks

Task title Duration Costs
Foundation installation 28 days $26 462,50
Frame installation 63 days $94 730,00
Windows installation 26 days $32 090,00
Installation of the roof 43 days $54 400,00
Facade device 40 days $54 310,00
Land improvement 81 days $9 710,00


Types of contractors Works
Roof installation company Trussing system installation
Arrangement of the vapor barrier layer
Stacking of insulation materials
Construction of waterproofing layer
Roof insulation with screed
Metal roofing
Mantling of ventilation shafts and installation of a visor
Landscaping company Territory planning
Arrangement of sidewalks, access roads to the garage
Landscaping of the site
Enclosure of the site
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Oberemok Ivan

Trainer and consultant, PhD Project Management, a certified IPMA LEVEL (B), provides training in project management and the use of MS Project, consults on project management

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