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Management of projects for implementing project management on the basis of MS Project Online

Проектный офис и проекты компании

Project Office - a division of the company, the purpose of which is to support the implementation of projects and development project management system in the company  base on MS Project Online. The unit can include both employees of various departments of the company and external consultants

What does the implementation of the project office:

  • You can save money on managers and project managers
  • Continuous monitoring of the implementation of the company's projects
  • Leaders always knows what's going on in the projects of the company
  • Employees always have where to turn for advice
  • Going and take into account information about all the "rake" to you "came" in the previous project

Why should we (consultants) to the project office

  • You get a high-class specialists in the field of project management for a reasonable fee
  • You will be able to attract and pay consultants only when you need it
  • You can always be assured of their projects, as they are supervised by professionals
  • Consultants is an organizational structure and have no effect on the internal problems of the company
  • We are constantly engaged in the development of project management in your company, the routine does not affect us

The problem is solved by consultants

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the control of the project through MS Project Online
  • Formation of proposals for the development of a corporate system of project management
  • Education specialists methodology of project management and work in MS Project
  • Development patterns schedules for various types of projects in MS Project
  • Development of design documents templates and procedures for project management company
  • Development of information systems, project management MS Project Professional and MS Project Online

Project office in EPM company:

Project office

List funkntsy members of the project team depends on:

  • Configurations corporate project management system of the company.
  • Complexity and uniqueness of the level of risk of the project.
  • Priority (importance) in the portfolio companies.

Project Manager - a key role in the management of the project since it was he who makes key decisions. For the model projects the project manager can perform the functions of the chief engineer. In the absence of a project office all the control functions are performed by the project manager. The project manager is a specialist project office control function defined it in accordance with its level of competence and configuration management of the company. The role of the analyst's portfolio of projects often serves the head of the project office.
To determine the functions of project management within the portfolio table is used, an example of which is shown below:

  Project leader Chief engineer Planning manager Project Administrator Cost manager Contract manager Resource manager
Project1 Ivanov Ivanov Petrov Sidorov Sidorov Sidorov Petrov
Project2 Pushkin Ivanov Petrov Sidorov Sidorov Sidorov Petrov
Project3 Tolstoi Shevchenko Sidorov Sidorov Sidorov Sidorov Petrov

Using the virtual project office is currently the most profitable approach for the introduction and development of project management. To perform some of the functions can be brought outside consultants.
The advantage of this type of unit is that:

  1. You do not hire new employees, and more efficient use of already existing in the company of experts.
  2. To fulfill the unique challenges of building and development of project management systems in your company, you do not hire expensive professionals to your company and invite consultants for specific tasks.
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