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Project administrator

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Project Administrator - the role of the participant of project management. The main task of a specialist to perform this role is to manage the interaction of documents and document the project. This role can be assigned as the project manager, and individual experts - members of the project team.

Functions roles


Stages of projects and additional processes

Identification of stakeholders

Project planning

Development a communication plan

Project implementation

Formation of the final report

Completion of the project

Collection of documents and transfer to the archive

Completion of the project

Register change request

Change management

Agreed changes in projects

Change management

Selecting issues meeting


Maintenance of formation of the list of participants


Ensuring responsible destination


Preparing the set of documents for the meeting


Providing a meeting


Formalization of the results of the meetings


Additional requirements:

  • Knowledge of project management.
  • Experience with software products for project planning
  • Experience with office applications.

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