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HR project manager

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HR project manager - Member of project management role. The main task of the expert performing this role is to manage the project workforce and addressing resource conflicts. This role can be assigned as the project manager, as well as individual professionals - members of the project team.

Functions roles 


Stages of projects and additional processes

Clarification of types of project resources

Project planning

Assign resources

Project planning

Formation of the final report

Completion of the project

Additional requirements:

  • Knowledge of project management.
  • Experience with software products for project planning
  • Experience with office applications.

On the role of the human resources manager is invited to Specialist personnel service. Choose the role of the specialist resource manager please visit our website www.pm-way.com

Prepare professionals to this role of the number of employees. Practical experience of the staff can get on the coaching "Managing project resources in MS Project"

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