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Terms planning the content and timing in MS Project

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Recommendations for the development of the project schedule in MS Project Professional is used as a tool to systematize work on planning. The use of these rules will create a corporate culture of project management in the company.

Scheduling tasks and milestones:

  • Task name must start with a verb and a noun describing the end result of problem.
  • Task name recommended starting with a verb to describe the finished form ("Make", "an", "approve").
  • A description of each summary task must end milestone, describing the results of the implementation of the summary task.
  • The name must start with milestones and end with the noun verb describing the state of the project (the "Charter approved").
  • The duration of work for all of the project objectives specified in a common format and integer values.

Scheduling tasks and milestones

Рiс.1. Scheduling tasks and milestones

Setting links:

  • All work with no previous connections should be connected to the landmark "The beginning of the project."
  • All work with no follow links should be related to milestone "project was completed."
  • All tasks and milestones of the project should be linked. Only milestone "Home Project" has no prior connection and a milestone "project completed" has no followers.
  • It is not recommended to link the project summary tasks.
  • Use to establish a connection between the works of the type of connection "end - the beginning."
  • Do not use lead and lag in the planning of links between tasks.

Setting links

Рiс.2. Setting links

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