Corporate training project management staff based on Microsoft Project

You set goals - we ensure their achievement

Фото услуг

At the training you and your specialists will learn how:

  1. Implement projects "for yesterday";
  2. Implement projects when there is almost no money;
  3. Implement projects when the customer "does not know what he wants";
  4. Ride the tsunami of changes in the project;
  5. Control projects, anywhere in the world;
  6. Reduce the time of project implementation;
  7. Optimize the use of material and labor resources;
  8. Plan projects of any complexity.

Result of the course, you and your company will receive:

Фото консультирования

Trained specialists

Best from an expert in MS Project, practice coach with experience in conducting trainings on MS Project and project management

Фото администрирования

Template template projects

Students will learn how to use
the best practices of project management
in working with MS Project

Фото портфеля проектов

Project portfolio

Based on the developed templates, a project portfolio in the MS Project Online system will be formed at the training

Фото стоимости

More practice

We study theoretical issues and opportunities of MS Project on the basis of practical examples and tasks of the company's projects.


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