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Training of project management staff on the basis of Microsoft Project

The purpose of the training: to learn to manage projects using MS Project 2010/2013.

Training Project Management with MS Project 2010/2013

Results of the training:

  • Proetkov portfolio companies.
  • Project schedule of the company (Gantt chart).
  • Technological project schedule.
  • Chalon model projects the company
  • Management Plan for the contractors in MS Project.
  • Project budgets in MS Project.
  • Plans cash flows in MS Project.
  • Resource project plans in MS Project
  • The list of resource projects in MS Project
  • Enterprise Resource Pool Company

Duration of training: 2

Software: MS Project Professional 2010/2013, MS Excel

Number of participants: unlimited

Participants: Project Manager (Project Manager), the project coordinator, the staff of the project office, the key project participants.

Theory / Practice: 20/80

As a result of training your employees will learn to:

  • Forming strategic plans for the project in MS Project.
  • To form the company's portfolio in MS Project.
  • Create a corporate calendar projects
  • Develop plans for technological projects.
  • Describes the product with the help of project milestones
  • Establishes a link between the objectives of the project
  • Save the basic project plans,
  • Do updating and rescheduling of the project.
  • Develop a budget for the project based on the unique information projects
  • Generate and analyze project items
  • Describe and appoint contractors in MS Project
  • Plan to pay by the project milestones
  • Indicate the fact of payment and the fact that performance of works contractors. Working with acts performed works
  • Analyze deviation cost and effectiveness of project financing
  • Generate reports on the financing of the project
  • Generate list of project resources in MS Project
  • Indicate the cost of resources and their calendars
  • Assign the material, labor and equipment for the project objectives
  • Optimize resource loading and resolve resource conflicts in MS Project
  • To establish the facts of material resources
  • To establish the facts of labor resources, and equipment
  • Generate reports on the use of resources in projects
  • To analyze the effectiveness of use of resources
  • Create a colorful and informative reports in MS Project.
  • Create and work with project templates
  • To create and work with tables and views MS Project
  •  And also many other subtleties and tricks of working with MS Project

The benefits of this training

  • The training is conducted in the format of coaching when employees do develop a project schedule
  • The coach has a great experience in training on the use of MS Project in companies of various types, both in Ukraine and abroad
  • Carrying out control testing of employees and performance of homework.
  • Fixing the price for the training. You pay for the time the coach, not the number of students

Preparation for the training

  • For the effective implementation of the training is not necessary to carry out preparatory activities:
  • Assign responsibility (if not) for the implementation of project management. It is desirable to make the appointment with the expectation that the specialist will perform the role of leader of the project office. The specialist is responsible for the provision of information and storage of the results of the training.
  • Provide coaches available at the customer regulations and project management templates. This is to ensure that would be presented at the training methods and approaches most closely match the specifics of the company.
  • Prepare basic template of the schedule. In order to develop a basic need to select the type of project that is implemented by most frequently, and form the basis of the portfolio companies. It is desirable that students training to be familiar with this type of training.
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