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Indicators of project evaluation in the portfolio on MS Project Online

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Having created a portfolio of projects of the company, having planned and retained basic project plans, you will probably want to go directly to project portfolio management. At the heart of any management is decision making. The decision is made on the basis of deviations between the planned and actual values. Due to the prescribed relationships between the data, you can control the project portfolio and make decisions based on two columns: Duration Deviation and Cost Deviation. Data from these columns can be displayed both numerically and graphically.

To customize the display of numeric column values:

To customize the display of numeric column values

To set up graphical display of column data:

  1. Create a field for graphical data output. Go to the “Server Settings” menu item in the “Corporate Data” block and select the “Corporate Custom Fields and Lookup Tables” item. In the window that opens, in the first table, click the "Create Field" button.
  2. Select the view in the project center in which the columns will be displayed (for example, “Summary”).
  3. Go to the “Server Settings” menu item in the “User Interface Customization” block and select the “Manage Views” item. In the “Project Center”, select the “Summary” view.
  4. In the "Setup of the Summary View" window that opens, in the "Table and Fields" block, select the "Deviation of Duration" and "Deviation by Cost" fields. After that click "Save". Learn more about "Setting up views" (https://pm-way.com/materials/material/show/103).
  5. Take the field In the window that opens, specify the name of the field, in the "Object" field select the "Project" item, in the "Type" field specify the value "Text". In the “Custom Attributes” section, select the “Formula” item. In the window that opens, specify the name of the standard column (for example, “Duration deviation”).
  6. Configuring graphic indicators. In the item “Displayed values” select the item “Graphic indicators”. In the "Condition" column, specify the selection conditions, in the "Values" column, specify the value with which we compare the data, and in the "Image" column, specify which sign we will display in case of a successful comparison.
  7. Setting conditions for different types of fields. In the "Conditions for" field you can select the level of the fields for which the conditions are described. After completing the description, click "Save". Learn more about "Setting up columns" (https://pm-way.com/materials/material/show/104).
  8. Display the field in the view. To display the field in the view, use the instruction above.

Display the field in the view

For more information about using MS Project Pro and MS Project Online, please visit pm-way.com. To order the implementation of a corporate project management system, please visit oberemokii.com

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