Project Management in MS Project Online

Project planning in MS Proejct Online

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Project planning in MS Proejct Online - a process in which cancers are assessed the key parameters of the project, formed a list of tasks and estimated amount of funding and resources. This eatap includes a preliminary assessment of all elements of the project. As a result of this phase formed the project schedule. If this schedule suits the main stakeholders of the project is stored baseline project and its implementation begins. After the end of this stage, further work on the project is carried out in the framework of the "Project Portfolio Management".

Project implementation in MS Proejct Online

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The implementation process in MS Proejct Online - the process of regulating the implementation of all the planned objectives of the project. As part of this process is carried out rescheduling or additional project planning.

The project manager, along with the project management team manages the implementation of the planned project activities, and manages a variety of technical and organizational relationships that exist within the project. In the process of governance and management of the project directly affects the performance of the application area of the project.

PMBOK (77 c.)

Completion of the project in MS Proejct Online

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Completion of the project in MS Proejct Online - a stage of completion of all the operations of all groups of project management processes with a view to the formal completion of the project. At the close of the project manager of the project considering all previous information received during the closing of the previous phases, which allows to make sure that all work on the project is completed, and the project has achieved its objectives.

PMBOK (89 c.)

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