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Role of project management structure

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Since the project is a temporary measure for its implementation, the project team is formed. The project team is a group of employees at lunch time project. The functions of each of the participants in a particular role-playing instructions. The list of roles in the team depends on: the complexity of the project, the level of implementation of project management and project office support level. Well-formed project team role structure allows efficient use of human resources of the company.

Selection and role structure:

  1. The complexity of the project. The more complex the project, the more items you want to monitor. To manage simple or typical project is not necessary to form a project team. Enough to manage a project manager who will perform all the functions of project management. The possibility of appointing one project manager to manage multiple projects.
  2. Level of implementation of the project management system. The higher the level of implementation of corporate project management system, the greater the processes of project management is necessary to implement the project team members. The tougher controls required in the management of the project, the greater the load on the project team.
  3. The presence of the project office. The work of the project office for the creation and development of corporate project management system, templates, schedules and project documentation significantly reduces the time the project team to manage the project. Engagement project office as members of the team to help project managers allows us to implement projects of great complexity without adding staff.
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