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Recommendations on planning in MS Project

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Terms planning - is a list of rules and recommendations for the project office staff and project managers. Working with the schedule in the software product MS Project Professional can be several alternative ways.

Each new level of development of the system complements the list of the rules regarding the planning of new items introduced elements of the project. Pravelo planning depends on: the company's projects, business types and conditions of their implementation.

Terms planning the content and timing in MS Project

  • Task name must start with a verb and a noun describing the end result of problem.
  • Task name recommended starting with a verb to describe the finished form ("Make", "an", "approve").
  • A description of each summary task must end milestone, describing the results of the implementation of the summary task.
  • The name must start with milestones and end with the noun verb describing the state of the project (the "Charter approved").
  • The duration of work for all of the project objectives specified in a common format and integer values.
  • All work with no previous connections should be connected to the landmark "The beginning of the project."
  • All work with no follow links should be related to milestone "project was completed."
  • All tasks and milestones of the project should be linked. Only milestone "Home Project" has no prior connection and a milestone "project completed" has no followers.
  • It is not recommended to link the project summary tasks.
  • Use to establish a connection between the works of the type of connection "end - the beginning."
  • Do not use lead and lag in the planning of links between tasks.
  • All interested parties must have ways of interaction
  • All planned activities in the interaction should be transferred to the schedule
  • For each event in the interaction must be set: type of event, the template material and the date of the
  • Performance of work should be documented

Terms planning costs and contracts in MS Project

  • Fixed costs are allocated to resources and contractors
  • All costs are covered by the amount of payment
  • The fact of payment is set but the payment system is not filled
  • If you change the cost of the payment amount does not change
  • Lot has appointed contractors Contractors
  • Contractor appointed to the costs
  • Costs are assigned without contractors
  • Contractors introduced without an appointment at the work
  • Appoint one contractor for every job
  • Completed works are nominated acts performed works

Terms of resource planning in MS Project

  • Performers are encouraged to nominate only the task of the project.
  • At work are encouraged to nominate only one artist.
  • It is recommended to appoint executors to 100% load.
  • Only one charge can be assigned to the task or summary task.
  • Responsibility may be assigned as a task, and the summary task.
  • It is recommended to indicate the charge in the user box, type "text".

Terms of risk planning and quality in MS Project

  • All interested analyzed for the presence of quality requirements
  • All the quality requirements of stakeholders into account
  • All of the company's quality requirements into account
  • All the criteria for evaluating the quality requirements into account in the description of the product
  • All requirements have quality control measures of quality
  • All risk groups analyzed in the identification of risks
  • All interested parties are analyzed in the identification of risks
  • All risks are measures to minimize the negative effects
  • All risks are measures to reduce the likelihood of
  • All risks are measures to reduce the impact of
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