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Who is the project manager here?

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Now where do not throw projects everywhere and who do not ask all the project managers. And what would be called a project-oriented company is enough to rename a couple of employees to project managers. But why?


I looked at the sites for finding specialists in Ukraine and analyzed the requirements for project manager vacancies. Jobs "project manager" - 46738 or "project manager" - 27934, as you can see, abound. And if we analyze the requested requirements, then I would combine the data of vacancies for such groups in descending order of requests:

  • Sales Manager.
  • Domain specialist (programmer, builder, etc.).
  • Project managers. Not more than 10% of the issued list of vacancies.

In my practice, I often heard from specialists of companies who wished to reorient themselves towards project management, that the project management system implemented according to classical foreign methods does not work in our Ukrainian realities. Let's discuss why exactly?

Who manages projects in Ukrainian companies?

Who manages projects in Ukrainian companies?

Let's understand the functions that the project manager should do according to the classical methodology. And you analyze who does these functions in your company.

  • Planning and tracking tasks and project deadlines.
  • Planning and making decisions on costs and financing.
  • Selection and control of the work of contractors.
  • Appointment of staff to the project and their motivation.
  • Making a change to the project.
  • Installation and quality control requirements.
  • Planning and working with risks.
  • Forming a list of who and what will do this week.

If you do this, then I congratulate you. You are the PROJECT LEADER. Your company has decided to take the foreign recommendations seriously. In most Ukrainian companies, the head of the company is involved in this, and the one who occupies the position of project manager or project manager on the classics draws no more than the project coordinator.

There may be an erroneous opinion that I am against such a formulation of the question. By no means. If this is more convenient for business, I personally - FOR. The head of the company copes and it is wonderful. In my opinion, he only needs help and support. To systematize his work and to help the technical specialist who could take on the routine work of planning and tracking projects and tasks for the development of the company. To change the project management system for such an approach to business and, I am sure, the project management methodology will show its effectiveness. Moreover, if our company executives with old approaches ensure the effective development of the company, one can only imagine what will happen if we push their abilities with project management methods.

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Oberemok Ivan

Trainer and consultant, PhD Project Management, a certified IPMA LEVEL (B), provides training in project management and the use of MS Project, consults on project management

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