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Implementation of IPM based on MS Project Server 2003, "TNK-BP" Nyagan "

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Based on the standards of the International Project Management Association and NTC Russian Project Management Association were developed and implemented a corporate project management system. Established Project management office, created system of knowledge accumulation on Project Management.

Project aim: "Development and implementation of “System selection and project management"

Period consultants participating in the project for the implementation of corporate project management system - 1 year.

The main requirements were:

  • methodology developed by the company must comply with the methodology of CVP and CPP;
  • MS EPM 2003 (MS Project Server 2003 and MS Project Professional 2003 Project Management Information System.

Key objectives of the project:

  • Description of project management regulations and various types of project portfolio.
  • Development of templates in MS Project Professional projects schedules for each type of project.
  • Training of project managers and specialists design company project teams.
  • Customize MS Project Server project information management system.
  • Create and configure the operation of the project office of the company.

The first step of implementation, we have identified the types of ongoing projects in the company. six types of projects have been identified, the control technology that significantly differed. When you create a template using the developed plots plans, we found that it was necessary to introduce a classification of projects (by value, by type, duration).

For a description of the projects technology was originally used in MS Excel. In the future, the technology described was transferred to MS Project Professional. This process has been useful not only to the fact that we have developed a graphic plans, but also the fact that the experts of the company have seen the process of implementation of the project as a whole.

The process of developing the methodology was divided into two parts:

  • The first part included the development of the overall process and the rules of project management and project portfolio. General Regulations included all the project management processes common to all types of projects.
  • The second part included the development of project management regulations for each type of project. These regulations include only the features of project management processes of each type.

During the development of the methodology were used methodologies concept of CVP and CPP. In addition, it was necessary to take into account the classification of the projects. The projects, which are classified in different ways, have different approaches, methods and tools of project management.

For teaching staff conducted two types of training:

  1. Training in project management methodology. These were purely theoretical training, which introduces students to the approaches and project management methods. Training materials have been developed based on the PMBOK.
  2. Training in MS Project Professional and MS Web Access project information management system. It was hands-on training in planning and management of projects using project templates developed schedules.

The final task was to create and set up the project office of the company. The main objectives of the project office is:

  • The accumulation of experience obtained as a result of the company's projects.
  • Development methodology (processes, procedures, instructions and regulations of role) project management.
  • The development of software products and tools of project management company.
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