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Project management system without project managers

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Is it possible to implement project management in a company without hiring project managers, organizing a project office and purchasing licenses for a project management information system? How to get the most benefit from project management at the lowest cost?

Project management is widespread in our life. Now all undertakings and any business are called projects. Websites and business areas are called projects, everything that can bring money is called a business project.

Job search sites are full of vacancies for managers and project managers whose main functions are far from the tasks of project management.

All this suggests that project management has gained immense popularity among company executives, but, as practice shows, the implementation of project management in a company ends only on the surface. More precisely, a line of business is called a project. Employees involved in this area, project managers.

Система управления проектами без менеджеров проектов

This can be explained simply. Not every company is willing to invest in the extensive implementation of a classic project management system with a project office, servers, or project management information system licenses. Since the profitability of such an implementation is low due to the high cost of implementation and maintenance of all elements of the classical project management system.

And it would seem why, it still works fine. There are people in charge, and they will be asked. Let them get out

According to the market, evolutionary methods of implementation and development of project management systems are relevant.

These methods are not often used in companies providing project management implementation services, as long-term implementation is required with a gradual adjustment of all elements of the system, which is not beneficial for the company.

The effectiveness of this technology application is based on a gradual change in the corporate culture of the company in the field of project management, through coaching. This approach allows the company to determine the level of changes on its own and adjust them as the company's portfolio of projects is being implemented.

Since the main element of the system is corporate culture, its implementation does not require significant costs for project management information systems (one MS Project Professional workplace is enough) and for the development of regulations (it is enough to use a process model with a description of several sheets). The training of employees takes place directly on coaching. As for the costs of maintaining the system, the presence of one professional in project management as a project portfolio administrator will significantly reduce them without losing the efficiency of the system.

Project management methods and tools are available for companies of all levels, start using them and you will see the effect of their application. To do this, you just need to conduct initial coaching on the formation of a portfolio of projects and enjoy the ease of management and decision-making.

For independent and comfortable study, both the administrator of the project portfolio and everyone in the company can learn to put things in order in the company's projects by completing the 10-day online course "Portfolio Management in MS Project Online". In this course, you acquire the skills inherent in the head of the company's project office or director of development.

That's all. Successful projects to you.

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Oberemok Ivan

Trainer and consultant, PhD Project Management, a certified IPMA LEVEL (B), provides training in project management and the use of MS Project, consults on project management

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