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Template schedule implementation of the EPM

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Description: A template of the schedule of implementation of corporate project management systems.
Author: Ivan Oberemok
Project type: organizational project

General information

Project title Implementation of the corporate project management system
Duration 10 months.
Cost 31 000$
Description of the project  

Project participants

Group Interested party
Company management Project Management Board
Company management Heads of sub-portfolios
Project office Project office staff
Project Office Project managers
Employees of the company Participants of project teams

Purpose project

Implement a management system that will:

  • Reduce project implementation deadlines
  • Reduce the amount of resources used
  • Reduce costs when implementing projects
  • Optimal use of the company's resources in the implementation of the project

Top level tasks

Task name Duration Cost
Stage 1. Easy configuration 3 month 6 000 $
Template development 1 month 2 000 $
Setting deadlines 1 month 2 000 $
Save base plans 1 month 2 000 $
Stage 2. Configuration "Basic" 3 month 9 000 $
Setting project costs 1 month 3 000 $
Plan project contractors 1 month 3 000 $
Plan project budgets 1 month 3 000 $
Stage 3. Configuration "Professional" 4 month 16 000 $
Schedule resource groups 1 month 4 000 $
Critical resource optimization 1 month 4 000 $
Plan all resources 1 month 4 000 $
Document Setup 1 month 4 000 $


Types of contractors Work performed
IT provider
  • Provision of MS Project Online and MS Project Pro licenses
  • Development of project management regulations
  • Development of document templates
  • Development of project team provisions
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Report Development in MS Excel and MS Power BI
  • Setting up information systems MS Project Pro and MS Project Online
  • Training of company methodology and project management
  • Training of company employees in working with MS Project Pro
  • Training of company employees with MS Project Online


Фото автора статьи Oberemok Ivan


Oberemok Ivan

Trainer and consultant, PhD Project Management, a certified IPMA LEVEL (B), provides training in project management and the use of MS Project, consults on project management

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