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Implementation of IPM based on Microsoft Project Server 2013 BI Group company

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Project implementation of the corporate project management system based on Microsoft Project Server 2013. The pilot project was the introduction of IPM projects cottage construction. This project was one of the first steps which was implemented as described in the website technology. The first step was the introduction of coaching by using the methodology of project management and Microsoft Project for the construction of houses by Comfort Town.

Coaching on the use of the methods of project management and MS Project

The aim was to learn about coaching employees with project management methodologies and software MS Project. On the coaching staff have been invited to the leading companies involved in the process of building houses.
A distinctive feature of the company is that each customer can choose the type and location of the cottage on the built-up area. Ukrainian companies rarely use this approach as it complicates the process of project planning. The implementation of this approach required the adaptation of existing developments of our specialists.
To get started, all projects of the company were divided into several groups, projects the construction of houses were divided into 18 types (number of types of projects). Next it was developed a pattern of the schedule for all types of single projects. The level of detail is minimal and enough to build a portfolio of projects of the company. This template contains no more than 30 goals and 40 types of resources. Resources were assigned to the objectives of the project, indicating the average value of the volume.
Next project type was chosen, which is often bought all the company's customers, and based on technical data of the project is the overall pattern of the project was detailed. As a result, it developed a template project schedule this type proekta.Byli detailed terms, the volume of tasks and types of resources used for this type of projects.
The result was a plan for the development of project templates depending on priority and popular types of cottages. Following the development of the priority patterns schedules, it was formed portfolio, where they were given the task duration, cost, and resources of the project portfolio.
For units that are engaged in engineering research, conducted individual coaching which developed a pattern of engineering projects.

Training employees BI Group

On the basis of developed within the coaching templates schedules have been developed courses on project management and information systems project management MS Project. Using the developed materials we provide training staff from other departments and divisions of the company. This approach allows employees in the process of learning material to work on projects of the company. An important skill is the ability to work in a software product MS Project Professional.

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