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Implementation of IPM based on MS Project 2013 TOV "BC IPC"

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Project implementation of project management in the company TOV "BK MIC" on the basis of MS Project Professional. A pilot project has been the implementation of the reconstruction project of shopping center "Town".

Training in the use of MS Project Professional 2010

The first step in the implementation of project management in the company TOV "BC IPC" was practical training in project management and the use of Microsoft Project Professional 2010. Participants of the training were the key employees of the company involved in the project.

As a pilot project was selected a project to build a shopping and entertainment center "town". As a result of the training model has been developed (schedule) of the project. It was formed by the critical path of the project and highlighted challenges that affect the timing of the project. They also highlighted the key project risks and consequences of their influence.At the end of the training objectives have been formed to further develop the project.

Development of the schedule of the "Town" in MS Project Professional 2010.

Designed in the training schedule was further used to manage these projects. In the development of the project the project has been expanded to the program, as it has been allocated 16 sites. The task of creating each object were connected, and thus was introduced the technology of construction. Each object was assigned priorities. Depending on the priority of the object were reallocated resources between the objectives of the project.

To assist the project manager, were involved, the studio building uchaschie University in the department of "Project Management". It is possible to reduce the time and cost of training of methods and tools of project management.
Using MS Project Professional has allowed flexibility to manage resources such as labor and financial, to implement the project in accordance with the strategy of development of the shopping center "Town".

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